Vector Conversion Service

We provide a high quality bitmap to vector conversion service with fast turnaround times and affordable rates.

  • Manual Bitmap to vector conversion.
  • Logo Repair.
  • Logo Revamp.
  • Logo Redraws.
  • Image to vector conversion.

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Your logo will be transformed from a jagged edged raster image into a crisp sharp Vector Image, scalable to any size! You can then use your vector logo image as your logo master file and from this format you can save it into most other file formats that you may need, for example jpeg or PNG format for web usage. We usually send a Vector AI format and Vector EPS file as these are the most common types. If there’s any other vector format you require, such as a Coreldraw file,  please let us know and we’ll be happy to include that at no extra cost.

The other great advantage is that you may need to update your logo colours. With a raster image this is not always very simple to do, but with a vector image it’s very easy to do and with much better results.

Why you need a Logo in Vector format?

If you already have a company logo but it’s only saved as a bitmap image file, such as JPG, GIF or BMP, then you may have problems when you come to use it for other purposes.

Your bitmap logo will probably be fine for the web, but if you need it to be used for stationery printing, vehicle graphics, vinyl banners or signage, then you will have problems with the edges appearing jagged and pixelated. This effect is unavoidable when a bitmap image is scaled up in size.

To solve this problem, you need to have your logo converted into a vector image. If you have a vector drawn logo, then it can be scaled up to any size without any loss in quality, so therefore it can be used for any of the above examples and will always remain sharp no matter what size it is enlarged to!

Supplying Your Artwork

When supplying your artwork for vector conversion, please send the best quality version you have. Obviously the better quality you supply will make it easier for us to reproduce a more accurate conversion. It will also affect the price. If the image supplied to us is very unclear then obviously it makes it more difficult for us to work from. We can work with most formats, jpg, GIF, PNG, etc.

Get a Free Quote

1. Send us your artwork and receive a free quote.

2. If you agree to the price we’ll proceed with the vector conversion and send a jpeg proof along with the payment link.

3.  Once payment has been received we’ll email you the vector files.

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