Create a Custom Profile in Illustrator

How to create a new custom document profile, in Illustrator using CS4, CS5 and CS6.

Firstly set up your document to how you want it. You can set up custom swatches, pre-defined brushes, custom artboard sizes and lots of other custom settings to suit your preference. For example you may have a regular client that use the same custom artboard size or perhaps have numerous artboards, so you could set this up and save it as the clients’ name. This will then appear in the dropdown list in the FILE>NEW profile dropdown list.

Go the file menu and select ‘NEW’ which will open the New document settings. Select the small dropdown arrow in the ‘PROFILE’ section and you will notice that there is a selection of pre-defined profiles to use for various design purposes. For example if you were working on a design to be used for print then you can select the PRINT option from the list. This will create a new document with settings set for your document to be used for print usage.

But you will notice that there isn’t an option to save your newly created document as a new profile. So what you will need to do is the following:


Go back to the profile settings from the menu FILE>NEW Profile. Go to the small drop-down arrow by the profile and choose browse the bottom. This will bring up the location of all the predefined profiles. For example you will notice the PRINT profile that I’ve previously mentioned, along with the others. These are just standard AI documents.

At the top of your screen you will see the path where these documents are saved. If you click the folder icon to the left of this path this will then allow you to select the path and then copy it. So press control + C. Now copy this somewhere so you can revert back to it for the location.

But first before you go ahead and try and save to this path you have to make sure that you can view hidden files on your computer. Go to my computer and open up a window, usually you need to find folder and search options. The location of this will vary depending on what operating systems you are using. Then scroll down to hidden files and folders and set it to show hidden files and folders.

Go back to your Illustrator document and save your custom document to the location that we previously located where all the pre-defined documents are located.

You will now need to close your Illustrator completely and then reopen. Go to file new and you will notice your new custom profile in the drop-down profile list. You can now select this every time you create a New document.