How to draw Superman Text in Vector

Make your own customized Superman style text using Adobe Illustrator.

Techniques used:

  • Warp effect – Arch tool
  • 3D –  extrude & bevel
  • Shear tool
  • Envelope distort
  • Magic Wand

We decided to do this tutorial because we have been asked previously on several occasions to recreate the Superman style text with customised type or message, mainly for T-shirt designs. So we thought it would be nice to show how this type affect can be created easily. Not only that but it will also serve as a reference for us if we get asked to create this type of artwork in the future!

Want us to create Your Own customised version?

If you would prefer us to do this for you then simply e-mail us the text that you require to be made into this style then for  a small fee we will recreate it in scalable vector format.

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