Redrawing sketches into Vector Format

We are usually able to work from hand drawn sketches such as the examples below. It’s not really feasible for us to draw every single pencil stroke and shading element in vector, so we would normally redraw the lines as single stroke paths therefore producing a nice clean image.

On the flower image below you can see we tidied up the curves of the stem making the lines flow more naturally and smoother. We also tidied up the leaf shapes and omitted most of the sketchy lines.
We can also take your sketch further by making other adjustments such as adding colour or creating a silhouette image as the examples below.

bitmap to vector

Other alterations can be made if requested. If you look on the cartoon face image below we have tidied up all the lines especially on the hair which we had to redraw using our own judgement to make it look nice and clean. We also added some highlights on the eyes as requested by the client.

sketches into vector


Sketch your own logo

If you have a logo idea but need it converted into a digital vector format then we can redraw your sketch into a high quality vector drawn image. Your converted image will be suitable for just about any purpose, such as vehicle graphics, signage and large format banners etc.
Your sketch doesn’t need to be 100% accurate as we can tidy it up and fine tune it to make it look clean and professional.

bitmap to vector conversion


The example below was drawn by a pupil to be used as a school logo. On the original version on the left the lines are of variable thickness because it was hand drawn in pencil and also unsymmetrical for the same reasons. So we converted it into vector retaining the same line stroke width throughout the image making it uniform, symmetrical and tidying up throughout where necessary.

logo to vector

How to supply us with a sketch

If you would like to create your own sketch for us to convert into vector then it would be better for us if you can draw with just single lines where possible and no ambiguous shading like the flower example at the top of the page. Or you can create solid shapes and shade in those areas like the example above. This will enable us to work more efficiently and produce better end results.

To supply us with your image, you can either scan and e-mail or you could take a digital photograph and e-mail, whichever is easiest for you. For large file sizes that maybe too large to email we recommend using Wetransfer