Vector Drawn Icons

There are literally hundreds of thousands of free web icons and graphics out there, but what we offer is your own customized vector drawn icons based on your own ideas or web theme. We can create a set of unique custom web icons for your web site; we can even work from hand drawn sketches that you may supply us.

Although a lot of Web Developers are also skilled graphic designers, there is also another breed of Web Developer who is more technically skilled and who leans more towards the programming side, rather than the graphical. So, due to increased recent demand for this type of service, we now provide a web graphic service, creating for example, buttons, icons and any other graphics. All of  graphics are vector drawn, so they will be suitable for any purpose. For example you may be having a large format banner or pullup display designed, then you will be able to use these icons as part of the design and will remain sharp at any size.

We believe that it’s all the little finishing touches that can make all the difference, if you want your site to be taken seriously. This is especially true nowadays as there are a lot of well designed web sites out there to compete with.

vector icon
We originally created the logo above for a previous customer, who then went on to have a web site designed around their new logo.They couldn’t find any suitable icons to match their new logo design, so they came back to us to see if we could help them.They wanted various button icons drawn in the same or similar style to their existing logo. This wasn’t a problem for us, as we had created the original logo. Therefore, we just carried on the same design style for the web icons and were even able to match the colours exactly.We created 2 sets, the red versions for the original state and then the green set for the rollover state. Their web designer was able to create the buttons using the 2 separate icons.
vector drawn icons